Garage Sale 

Rebuilt EJ25 Block

This rebuilt EJ25 consists of new factory rods and pistons.





Greddy Carillo - EJ20 Rods

Brand new - connecting rods for EJ20





EJ20 Rods and Pistons

Brand new Wiseco pistons and Greddy Rods





GT42 Turbo

This turbo was used for dyno testing only.




B-Series Cast Manifold

For Sale is a LOT of 10 manifolds. Made by RevHard in the USA

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S2000 -Cast rubo manifold




Items in this page are over-stock or old inventory. Feel free to email an offer. Depending on the time of day, even a ridiculous offer will get acepted. 



S2000 Piping and Manifold

REVHARD IC piping and turbo manifold




K20A2 Short Block

This is a core block - needs to be rebuilt. Slight knock but the journals did not heat up. Removed just in time before the bearings wore out.



K20 Ported Head

Ported head with Skunk valve train assembly




K24 Blueprinted block with Arias 10:1 pistons and Eagle Rods. New bearings and balanced crank.




Assortment of Subaru parts. Motor has knock. EJ auto trans. Spare heads.



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